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What our clients say about us

We could tell you all about our success rate – indeed, the number of jobs created and businesses started are listed on the homepage. What really matters, though, is what our clients say about us:

“Having been through a very difficult time in my life it was such a relief to have Outset supporting my and teaching me all I needed to know about becoming self-employed. My business went live on 2nd June and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Outset Bristol!” Tazbar Crafts

“I felt the course was delivered to a very high standard. It has helped in many ways to feel like I have more focus and confidence to pursue my own business.” Artist, Designer & Printing

“Outset Bristol has been absolutely critical to the success of my business. Outset Bristol has given me both the skills and the confidence to set myself up in business. The staff have always been supportive and professional and have made learning and working towards success a real pleasure. Without them I would never have believed I could do this.” Imagine English

“I couldn’t have put my ideas into practice without the practical help and advice from Outset Bristol – thank you!” Jewellery

“Really great info and support, I would recommend the Outset Bristol course to anyone thinking of starting their own business.” Veganeze

“Outset Bristol helped me to really focus on what I wanted to achieve with my business idea. Using the skills I learned I was able to quickly write a feasible business plan, setting out targets I felt motivated to achieve. The support and clarification – and also the networking opportunities – I received from Outset Bristol was absolutely invaluable.” Mandy Parry Training

“The Outset Bristol workshops gave me the confidence and drive to go ahead with my business idea.” Wot Pots

“Following redundancy my personal confidence was very low. Outset Bristol has significantly helped me get my edge back and has helped me to be clear about my business, the offer, and the potential for the future.” TempleFarmer Ltd

“Before Outset Bristol I had an idea but no idea how to set it up as a business. With their help, I am well on the way to establishing a trading company.” Tutor

“A big thanks to Outset Bristol. Being the first step on the ladder, you taught me lots and helped me to make my ideas more real.”The Market Kitchen

“A very supportive and practical programme for all types of small businesses.” Bristol Enterprises

“The Outset Bristol workshops have proved invaluable in so many ways. Most of all, the workshops have enabled me to meet like-minded people and gain support and ideas. The content of the workshops has been excellent – helping me to explore a wide range of possibilities and prioritise appropriately (previously I felt over-excided and overwhelmed!) Thank you.” Hypnotherapist

“Thanks to Outset Bristol I am gaining in skills, confidence and expertise every week.”Mama Rucci’s

“Absolutely loved the course. Looked forward to receiving advice and support.” Miss McFie’s Delicacies

“Outset Bristol was a wonderful experience and very helpful. Everybody was very supportive and helpful, and were always happy to offer advice or point us in the right direction. It was also quite encouraging to see other people struggling to get their businesses going and to know we’re not alone.” Alomar Travel Limited

“Evaluable help and time offered from everyone we dealt with, thank you for your endless patience!” Fierlan Ltd

“The Outset Bristol workshops were very interesting, informative and, more importantly, were taught in a way to make people feel at ease and for all different cultures and personalities. Without Outset Bristol I wouldn’t have had the knowledge to set up a business, and the advisors have been very helpful and enthusiastic.” Massage Therapist

“Excellent course, enjoy being with others in the same position.” H2O Window Cleaning Services

“Great for meeting like-minded people. We had some great ideas. Finance information was excellent and made you look at costs and expenses.” Sticky Stories

“Thank you for the help, support and advice you have provided me with. It has been priceless – literally!” Brand Davidson.

“Having been made redundant after 25 years in banking, I wanted to pass on my skills and knowledge to the students of Bristol. I completed the Business Start-up course at Outset Bristol and now have the confidence to turn my disappointment into an exciting new venture, helping our next generation to gain the vital life skills they need for today’s financial world.” Libra Learning

“Outset Bristol has given me an opportunity of a lifetime to start my own business. I would have been lost without them! Thank you Outset Bristol.”Pure Moments

“Really good to take time to think about myself in relation to business and a get a good overview of whether business is right for me. Great that it’s free! A gentle and friendly course.” Outset Bristol client

“Outset have been amazing and a huge support.” Ruby & Wolf

“Outset has been central to my business journey and the networking events keep me motivated with new learning and meeting new people. Outset has been helpful along the way even 18 months after completing the courses.” Heal Not Harm. Independent Consultant: Arbonne

“Outset training was incredibly insightful, practical and realistic – great preparation for embarking on my new venture as I enter the world of business as a self-employed sole-trader! It’s also good to know that I have ongoing support too.” Veganeze

“Having been faced with a challenging time of redundancy and uncertainty, Outset has been a valuable and encouraging transition into self employment. They have taken what could have been a very stressful experience and transformed it into an interesting time where I have met new friends and enjoyed the process.” Urbanisme

“I’ve absolutely loved this programme, it’s been a fabulous journey and extremely helpful.”

“Overall, it’s been incredibly worthwhile, confidently delivered, inspiring and wholly positive. Thank you.” Outset Bristol client

“Outset Bristol has been an invaluable support in starting my company. I have attended their workshops and one-to-one meetings. They are professional, positive and enthusiastic people. I would definitely recommend Outset Bristol to everyone; they made my business idea a reality.” Mainplay Music

“Without Outset Bristol I don’t think I would have had the courage to start my business. The team at Outset Bristol broke it down into manageable chunks so it became less overwhelming. Before starting the workshops I was completely intimidated and the team showed me that if you think about your idea and break it down, you get a clearer idea of what it is you want to achieve, but more importantly how you are going to do that. The post-course support has been a huge help too. Thanks Outset Bristol!” Bearmoon Productions

“I’d like to thank the whole Outset Bristol team for helping me establish my company and myself. It feels so good to own my own company and it’s now become my little baby who I hope to see grow and grow.” The Creative Den

“Outset at Bristol has been the greatest help to me encouraging and helping me get my business up and running. I have learnt so much about running a business and the things I need to have and people I need to inform. They have given me individual help and I can’t thank them enough.” JB Cakes

“I’ve always hankered after running my own business, attended the Outset Bristol courses, got the info, did the research and still sat on my hands like I was afraid of the ‘deep end’. I guess I was just waiting for all the bits to fall into place. One morning I just work up, went to the jobcentre, signed off (ie removed any safety net) and just declared ‘I’m a carpenter’. There’s only one ‘right time’ to start a business and that’s RIGHT NOW! It’s scary, it’s exciting and it’s the best fun you can have with your clothes on!” AJB Carpentry

“Outset Bristol really helped to keep me focused and motivated to start my own business. They helped me overcome barriers and tweak my own ideas to make it suitable to go ‘live’ in a competitive market.” GoCycle Tour

“Outset Bristol helped me form a proper business plan and a structured pathway out of ideas and desires. They enabled me to focus on exactly what I needed to do in order to become operational and forced me to stop procrastinating and move from what I wanted to do into what I was going to do.” Kole Morgan Gardening

“Outset Bristol not only helped me learn the practicalities of setting out on my own but also introduced me to a network of people in similar situations, some of whom now use branding I designed.” Mr Royale Design

“I am so impressed by the clarity of communication and the commitment demonstrated by the trainers. Great teaching skills and impressive dedication to benefit entrepreneurs. It is so obvious that this is more to them than ‘just a job’.”

“Outset Bristol helped me to achieve a good all-round understanding of what I needed to do to make my business a success and what I wanted to get out of my business. I would heartily recommend Outset to anyone interested in starting up their own business. Outset’s ongoing support has also been much appreciated.” Claire Harris the Artist

“I have very much appreciated all the business workshops and individual support from the friendly, professional team at Outset Bristol.” Artist & Illustrator

“What I appreciate most from my Outset Bristol course experience was the fact that it put me in the right mindset to create my business. It made it… believable and therefore, achievable.” ZUMBA with Nectaria

“Outset have given me a fantastic start in terms of practical advice, coaching and encouragement. It has been an enjoyable journey.” Kate Sutor Management Consultant

“Outset Bristol has been amazing. Back in the summer I was only thinking about setting up a business with my wife. I went to the Introduction to Enterprise course with Outset Bristol and the more I went on, the more Outset convinced me to go for it! They are great and understanding courses and I have enjoyed every one of them.” Happy Dayz Cleaning Services

“We have always known that we wanted to work for ourselves. Knowledge and confidence was the key and Outset not only gave us this but continues to be an ongoing support. Outset has also been a great way to network and meet new businesses in the area. It’s always a good thing to have friends in the same shoes as you are!” Bristol Film and Media Ltd

“Outset Bristol has helped me gain a better understanding of how to set up my own business, by providing a range of easily digestible courses based in comfortable learning environments.”Iconist Media

“Outset Bristol has opened so many doors for me and changed my life dramatically. I’m so happy and couldn’t thank them enough for their support. Thank you for providing such services and making these opportunities possible.” Emily Bagnall, Badgers Forest School Bristol

“I have benefited from all the Outset Bristol sessions and I honestly believe I wouldn’t have started my business without the support and information I received from Outset Bristol. Outset has been my backbone and I’ve come a long way since I first came to Outset Bristol.” Heavenly Clean

“Outset Bristol has given me the knowledge and confidence to start my own business. The trainers are friendly and knowledgeable with real experiences to back it up. Also, during the courses I have attended I have met many interesting and inspirational people.”  Crimson Goose Design

“My business path felt blocked with uncertainty before coming to Outset Bristol. I now understand that a block is just a holding point whilst waiting for more information. Outset gave me the ‘know how’ needed to create a business model that I feel confident to be sustainable success.” The Open Institute

“I have found Outset Bristol to be an invaluable service when setting up my public speaking coaching business. I have found all the staff tremendously helpful, personable and professional and would recommend them to anyone wanting support with their business.” Flirt with Life

“Outset Bristol has really motivated me, giving me the knowledge and business insight to help my ideas and skills support me and my family. Being my own boss is great and such a confidence boost, thank you Outset Bristol.”

“I looked upon my redundancy as an opportunity and had my business idea in mind but no real idea how to start. The free advice and training I’ve been given by Outset has been absolutely priceless and shaped my approach to starting my business completely. It’s also comforting to know that even when I’m trading I can still go to the specialists at Outset and get advice to keep me pushing on.” Homedraw

“This course has given me a lot of confidence, which is the most important part of opening a new business.” Quality Massage Therapy

“Outset Bristol made me realise that starting my own business was possible and gave me a lot of insight into running my own business. It was the first time I’d run a food business and the advice on how to pick a location, research the market and how to get licensed was really useful.” Lahoma Cakes

“The Outset Bristol course, so far, has given me the confidence to get started. Lack of confidence and not knowing where to start were my main barriers and this course has helped me overcome these barriers!” Melanie Lonsdale Training and Facilitation Services

“Outset Bristol has a friendly team that bring knowledge and experience of ‘real’ business/entrepreneurship. I intend to keep in touch with the Outset Bristol team, not just to gain further knowledge of business/accounting, but also they are a very approachable bunch of people.” FRESH: Creating Cosy Homes

“I really appreciate the support that Outset Bristol has been able to offer me whilst I have been working towards giving myself my dream job. It’s so much better to have a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team to approach if you need any advice on starting up a new business. I will be recommending them to anyone who is considering starting up their own business.”

“Thanks for the support and advice. It has made me make the leap of faith and start something that I have wanted to do for years.” Elaborate Marketing Solutions

“Outset Bristol has been invaluable to me and I know any future help will also be very good for my business. I would recommend them to anyone.” Bristol Property Angels

“I enrolled on the Outset course and the quality levels of support and guidance I’ve received has enabled me to develop a really thorough understanding of what it takes to start your own business. The teaching was first class and the knowledge I have gained invaluable. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone with a business idea who wants to make a go at putting it into practice. Thanks Outset!” The Movement

“Excellent start-up course.” Owl – Digital

“Outset Bristol has helped me to plan ahead and get passionate about starting my new business. I really appreciate the advice and support I’ve received from the team. I will definitely stay in contact as my business develops.” Canido Cleaning

“The support from Outset really helped to cement the reality of my businesses potential. Having real, knowledgeable human beings to discuss both legal and financial matters, and the other factors which help a business to succeed, was invaluable. I am a vocal proponent of Outset’s services and regularly recommend you to other people.” Costume Designer

“The group has provided a safe and supportive environment to seriously explore the possibility of running my own business, backed up with a host of practical advice, tailored information and, where appropriate, delivered with a sense of humour. I now feel far more focused and ready to start approaching new outlets for my work and move my business idea forward.” Green Giraffe

“It has been very useful, given me clear focus of what I need to do and how to build a business. Gives me a sense of security that I have people to bounce ideas off and run through ideas, which is hard when you’re on your own. Introduction to some key principles about business.” Katy’s Campers

“Course gave me the confidence I needed, thank you.” Craftorama

“I found the Outset team brilliant. They are really committed to helping new businesses succeed. I am amazed at the support.” Out of the Box Teaching

“Outset has given me the extra confidence I needed to pursue my dream of running my own business.” Homestay Bristol

“Friends and family had been urging me to set up my own business for months but I did not know how or where to start! I also felt very low on confidence so I was reluctant to take the leap. The Introduction to Enterprise course has taken me through a steady, step by step process for how to start my own business, helped me to realise my fears were natural and find ways to overcome barriers such as low confidence. It hasn’t just been through attending the course that I have received invaluable help; the Outset team are keen to offer help and advice on a one-to-one basis, answering questions as thoroughly as possible and giving guidance that perfectly matched my needs. I truly think that I would not have gone ahead in starting my own business without the help I received from Outset.” Melanie Lonsdale Training and Facilitation Services

“Thank you Outset for such excellent seminars, and overall, a superb programme. I feel so lucky to have found Outset. The support of Outset has enabled me to feel confident again, knowing I can call on support and guidance, to support my weakest areas around business matters.”

“This is a brilliant programme!” Siru Therapy

“Very enjoyable course. I always feel positive when I leave.”

“I have really enjoyed this course. Lydia and Justin have been fantastic. Self esteem has gone up and I feel much more positive, thank you!” 

“It’s a really comprehensive course – made me think about many aspects I had not before. The course was just right – interesting, supportive and encouraging.”

“I really enjoyed interacting with others and felt inspired by other people’s ideas. The course really gave me the confidence to keep going.”

“I was astounded at how useful/inspiring it was.”

“The Outset Bristol course was very useful and a real eye opener. I thoroughly enjoyed it. All of the tutors were fantastic at explaining things in simple terms.” Tracey Williams

“Each session is very informative and I like the interaction within the group.

“Great boost to my confidence and assertiveness.”

“Both staff members were professional, positive and warm. A good start day.”

“I was put at ease instantly. Very upbeat and positive course. Good fun too.” 

“I have enjoyed every aspect of the course without exception.”

All segments of the course had balance and integrated well. This gave me a reality check giving me the information I required to work in a more structured and practical way with my ‘big idea’. Very good course – well done!”

“Really good motivational session – left with clearer idea of next steps, and confidence about taking them.”

“Good sessions, great advice and ideas for my business.”

“Outset is much needed for support and help for all new businesses, thank you.”

“Every session was very informative, very interactive.”

“I am truly grateful to this service and the people who run it. It is really helpful and really appreciated.” Heavenly Clean

“It was a very useful, friendly and lively session, easy to talk and everyone joined in – very good and supportive.”

“Excellent presentations, very good materials, good information, pitched at the right level, very supportive environment.”

“Really good advice and support.”

“Friendly and open environment where I felt free to contribute. Very much enjoyed.”

“Really good session, it certainly filled in the blank answers to my future questions.”

“Thanks, informative, helpful to gain ideas and share with others.”

“Always enjoy the sessions. Good communication and discussion with group members.”

“Very useful, informative, supportive environment.”

“Has been really inspiring and motivating. Feel enthused.”

If there’s too much happening in your life to know whether enterprise is right for you, why not come along to one of our relaxed information sessions

If you’ve got a seed of an idea, but not sure if it will work, or whether you can do it, our Introduction to Enterprise sessions are for you

If you’ve got a business idea, are keen to get going, and just want to learn how to do it properly, you need our Business Start Up programme

Once you’ve started your business with Outset’s help, contact us for 1:1 advice or choose our post-start up support