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Clare Millar – Eat For Victory

Enterprising individuals with big ideas and specialist expertise are often drawn to self-employment, but for many, it can be tempting to dive in without thinking about the practicalities of running your own business. Enter Outset – a service that supports individuals in developing the skills and confidence to build a sustainable business.

Clare Millar had never really thought of herself as an entrepreneur. “I’d spent most of my working life in employment, never really challenging myself or addressing my personal goals”, explains Clare. “I didn’t feel that I was brave enough to go down the path of self-employment”. However, after graduating in Nutritional Therapy, Clare saw a greater need for sound nutrition advice that outweighed her personal fear. She was already being approached by organisations about delivering nutrition programmes so, despite not having any formal business experience or training, she launched ‘Eat for Victory’ a nutrition consultancy that seeks to inspire and educate people to eat, cook and shop more healthily and sustainably, using some of the diet and lifestyle approaches of the 1940’s.

Over a year down the line she was sign-posted to Outset Bristol by her boyfriend who had also completed the course. “I soon realised I too would benefit from some expert help, to enable me to take my business to the next level,” she says.

Through our Business Start Up course, Clare was able to focus on improving and expanding her business knowledge. “I have been able to tie up lots of loose ends and put a spotlight on my strengths and weaknesses and this has given me a clearer idea of the areas I need to focus on,” she explains.

Clare really benefited from the networking opportunities available through Outset Bristol, as well as the information gained throughout the course. “It’s been quite a journey and a great opportunity to meet other like-minded movers and shakers out there. out there. It’s the people who made this course – the tutors and fellow entrepreneurs. Outset turns the information into easy to digest, bite-size chunks and it’s a great learning experience. I never thought figures could be fun until I met Norman and his gnomes!”

Clare’s passion for nutrition, health, vintage clothes and people really shines through in her business, she recently featured on the BBC Radio Four Food Programme as well as on local radio and press. Clare has also benefited from a specialist one-to-one with an Outset Bristol Advisor to discuss other promotional opportunities and her ideas for the future. Now that Clare has coupled her current knowledge and skills with a firm grounding in business start-up, she plans to expand her client base in the South West and her programmes nationwide, improving the health and wellbeing of the nation.

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