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Setting your goals – top tips from our networking event

As we move in February your new years resolutions may seem like a distant memory, and it’s very easy to let your business goals fall by the wayside too. At our recent networking event we faced this head-on, and came up with some strategies to help you achieve your goals throughout the year.

We were fortunate to have executive and business coach Lynne Philip to talk to us about building your confidence and moving into your stretch zone – we even had a bit of a sing-along! Lynne works with people to help them achieve and enjoy more success. Confidence can be a major blocker (often without us knowing it) to achieving our goals and from living our lives fully. Lynne is passionate about helping people triumph over their challenges and showing how we can face confidence issues “head on”.

Lynne introduced the concept of limiting assumptions – untrue ideas that we make about ourselves which limit our thinking and possibilities. For example, you may have always thought ‘I can’t write’, and so shied away from writing projects. But what forms the basis for this limiting thought? Is it based on fact, or a long-held assumption that you can’t write, which you haven’t actually tested out recently?

Lynne posed 9 questions to help you grow your confidence when reaching for your goals:

  • What would help you feel more confident?
  • What do you need to learn to help your business get off to a flying start?
  • What do you need to put in place?
  • What are you afraid of?  What’s your fear about?
  • How could you triumph over your fears?
  • What needs to be different for your confidence to grow?
  • Who could help you achieve your goals?
  • What do you need to believe to feel more confident?
  • What bold action will you take?

Setting your goals

 It’s never too late to set your business goals. Whether you set them yearly, monthly or even weekly, working through these tasks should help you get started:

  1. Choose one or two goals that stretch you & your business. Even if they feel too big or unachievable, write them down.
  2. Think about everything you need to do to achieve your goal. Make a list or mind map, break the goal down into as many small individual tasks as you can.
  3. Start putting each task into an order. Think about how long each task will take you, and how easily you can get them done.
  4. Once you have done this, you can start putting the tasks into your diary and setting deadlines.
  5. Set aside a time weekly or monthly to look back over the tasks and review what you need to do to achieve them.

We’d love to know how your goals are going. Why not pop over to Facebook or send us a Tweet and let us know!

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