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Working from home made easier thanks to government reforms

The government has simplified the rules to support home-based businesses, giving entrepreneurs greater freedom to start and grow a business from their home.

Around 70% of new businesses start off in the home; contributing £300 billion to the economy. The government is keen to make it much easier for people thinking of starting a home business to do so with the law firmly on their side.

The new measures announced include:

• New legislation to make it easier for people to run a business from a rented home. The law will be changed so that landlords can be assured that agreeing to this will not undermine their residential tenancy agreement.

• Updated planning guidance (scroll down to paragraph 14 of clicked link) making it clear that planning permission should not normally be needed to run a business from your home.

• New business rates guidance clarifying that in the majority of circumstances home-based businesses will not attract business rates.

The Business Minister Matthew Hancock said: “There’s never been a better time to start a business and even more people are choosing to start up from home. We know that starting up any business can also be hugely stressful and that’s why the government will change the law to make life easier for Britain’s home businesses. We’ll give people the confidence they need to run a business from a rented home, making sure that the majority of home businesses are exempt from business rates and our aspiring entrepreneurs have the information they need to start up and grow.”

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