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Success Stories

More than 335 people have made the decision to start a business after getting support and guidance from Outset Bristol. Read about some of these below.

Jacky Puzey Embroidery & Tailoring Commissions

At Outset Bristol we work with many creative people who want to take their practice to the next level and set up a business. Jacky Puzey, who first came to Outset Bristol in 2013 and has now been trading for two years, is one such person.

Nicola Henderson & Annette Marshall – Palladium Patient Safety

For some people, starting a business seems like the logical progression in their career. The desire to try something new and take on a new challenge can be a strong motivational factor. This is certainly the case for Nicola Henderson & Annette Marshall, who launched Palladium Patient Safety after long careers in the NHS.

Clare Millar – Eat For Victory

Enterprising individuals with big ideas and specialist expertise are often drawn to self-employment, but for many, it can be tempting to dive in without thinking about the practicalities of running your own business. Enter Outset – a service that supports individuals in developing the skills and confidence to build a sustainable business.

Daniel Cresswell – Hedgehog Plumbing

At the end of 2012, Daniel Cresswell, from St Pauls, was unemployed and considering his options. “I am heavily dyslexic so I struggled with mainstream education and, like many young people struggled, to find my way.” After a chat with a plumber friend he decided to retrain as a plumber and was referred to Outset Bristol for business start-up support by his Jobcentre Plus advisor.

Shilpi Choudhury – Chai Shai

Having had many years out raising her young family, Shilpi Choudhury dreamed of opening up an Indian deli where she could remain part of her local community and still be there for her children.

Martin Prothero – Prothero Eyewear

Martin Prothero originally trained as an engineer before going on to practice as an artist, as well as working in environmental education for many years. When a key employment contract ended, leaving him unemployed, Martin decided to start his own business, designing and manufacturing high-quality wooden spectacle frames by hand.

Barbara Hollyhead – Agave Blue Marketing

Self-employment often appeals to those who find being an employee restrictive; who feel that they are not making best use of their skills and knowledge. Outset Bristol client Barbara Hollyhead is a great example of this.

Karla Marmolejo – Alomar Travel

Once you have been your own boss it can be difficult to get the same level of satisfaction from working for other people. Because of this many entrepreneurs set up more than one business in their working lives. Karla Marmolejo is a great example of this.

Nicola Finn – Elaborate Marketing and Business

Even if you already have your dream job, starting a family changes your priorities.

Joe Stutter – Webpal

Starting up your own business is a big step for most people. You may have a great idea for a business, but still need advice in order to turn that dream into a reality. A good example of this is Outset Bristol client Joe Stutter.

Penny Seume – Textile designer

Penny Seume came to Outset Bristol in January 2011 with the dream of using her textile design skills to create a viable business venture.

Michael Bennett – Homestay Bristol

Michael Bennett joined Outset Bristol with the idea of using the extra rooms in his house to generate income.

Sasha Turki – True Dimensions

People often find themselves in roles that do not fully utilise their expertise, skills and abilities. Rather than feeling frustrated with not living up to their potential, many turn to self-employment as a more fulfilling option.

Brendagh O’Sullivan – Biodanza One Heart

At Outset Bristol we see people at all stages of their business ideas. Some of our clients have previously run their own businesses, yet even they can need a helping hand, and many self-employed people don’t have anyone to turn to for training and support. Outset Bristol client Brendagh O’Sullivan is a prime example of this.

Jackie Fussell – Jax-Glam Mobile Beauty

At Outset Bristol we see clients whose ideas cover every business type imaginable. But what many people don’t realise is that whilst having a business idea is helpful when starting the programme, it is not essential. The workshops support attendees to think creatively, and assess their skills to find a suitable idea they could progress with. Outset Bristol client, Jackie Fussell, is a great example of this.

Alex Poulter – East Bristol Bakery

Whilst unemployment is certainly an issue in Bristol, there are also many people working in unfulfilling minimum wage roles, searching for more stability and direction. A great example of this is Outset Bristol client Alex Poulter.

Melanie Pike – Pike Jewellery

Setting up your own business can be a positive way for people to channel their skills and expertise into earning a living and changing their lives. A good example of this is Outset Bristol client Melanie Pike.

Rachel Meadows – Rachel Meadows Photography

Many people dream of working for themselves doing something they love, but doubt their confidence and ability to make this happen and turn their dream into an actual business. Outset Bristol client Rachel Meadows is a perfect example of this.

Nectaria Pospori – ZUMBA with Nectaria

Sometimes people get stuck in a rut when it comes to finding their dream job. They often know what they want to achieve, but aren’t sure how to achieve it. A great example of this is Outset Bristol client Nectaria Pospori.

Tony Curtis – Alago Ltd

Tony Curtis came up with the idea for a heated sports glove about five years ago when his son came off the rugby pitch with blue hands.

Jamie Doughty – Poetry author and cartoonist

“I was on a bus and I saw an advert for Outset Bristol that said something like, ‘Can’t find a job? Why not create one for yourself!’” And so began Jamie Doughty’s journey to self-employment.

Marie Furlong – Active Resilience

Marie Furlong had been working as a freelance IT consultant to corporations and large companies for more than 25 years. However, in April 2010 she had a minor accident that left her unable to work and it wasn’t until the end of 2010 that Marie was ready to return to employment.

Michael Haylock – Happy Dayz Cleaning Services

Michael Haylock from Bishopsworth joined the Outset Bristol programme at the beginning of August 2011.

Melanie Lonsdale Training and Facilitation Services

When Melanie Lonsdale was made redundant last year, she was uninspired by the options and opportunities available to her in a poor labour market and took the decision to create her own job.

Simon Tonkin – Homedraw

With redundancy looming after 21 years working for John Lewis, Simon Tonkin decided to view his redundancy as an opportunity and went to local business start-up organisation Outset Bristol for support to start his own business.

Katy Weir – Katy’s Campers

Lone parent Katy Weir realised that motherhood might put paid to some of her plans for exotic holidays to far-flung climes.

Vincent Brissenden – FRESH… Creating Cosy Homes

Vincent Brissenden had been long-term unemployed before he joined the Outset Bristol programme.

Sally-Lee Phillips – Essence Of Beauty

Before joining the Outset Bristol programme at the beginning of July 2011, Sally-Lee Phillips was claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance and was referred to Outset Bristol by her Next Step advisor.

Chris Heirani – The Creative Den

Chris Heirani found out about Outset Bristol from a friend and joined their free business start-up workshops in Ashley Down in order to start developing his business idea and skills.

Sam Walsh – Green Giraffe

When Sam Walsh’s long-term temporary contract doing administration for Bristol City Council failed to be renewed during budget cuts last year, she found herself on another temporary contract working for a plant hire company.

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