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Are you an entrepreneur?

We repeatedly see the words 'entrepreneur' and 'mumpreneur' bandied about in the media, but we'd love to know if these are words you associate with. Please fill in our poll and let us know how you talk about yourself and your business.

How do you describe yourself and your business?

  1. Business owner

  2. Business woman/man

  3. Director

  4. Entrepreneur

  5. Freelancer

  6. Self-employed

  7. Sole trader

  8. Other

If there’s too much happening in your life to know whether enterprise is right for you, why not come along to one of our relaxed information sessions

If you’ve got a seed of an idea, but not sure if it will work, or whether you can do it, our Introduction to Enterprise sessions are for you

If you’ve got a business idea, are keen to get going, and just want to learn how to do it properly, you need our Business Start Up programme

Once you’ve started your business with Outset’s help, contact us for 1:1 advice or choose our post-start up support