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Outset Online

Outset Bristol clients can now enjoy free access to Outset Online, our interactive online learning platform that offers resources and tools to support you on your business start-up journey.

Through a unique combination of video tutorials, online tools, interactive activities, downloadable resources and user forums, Outset Online complements your learning, allowing you to reinforce your skills at home and go over things at your own pace.

Like our previous workshops, Outset Online is designed to help you navigate the essential steps of starting a business: initiating and refining your ideas, understanding your audience and your competition and helping you develop strong sales, marketing and financial plans. As you navigate through each stage of Outset Online, you can put your learning into practice with a range of activities and exercises that help you construct a ready-made business plan.

Outset Online also includes an online network of mentors, advisors and other business owners that you can connect with in our user chat rooms and discuss any questions or ideas.

If you’re an Outset Bristol client, enter your details below to register for free access to Outset Online now using the web form below:

Please complete this form so that we can verify you in our system. This may take up to 48 hours but once completed, we will send registration instructions and access links to the email address you provide below. If we are unable to verify you in our system, someone from our team will contact you via phone or email.

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For more information, check out the Outset Online website, or watch this brief video to find out more about how it works:


Terms and Conditions:

Outset clients are each entitled to one free personal licence to the Outset Online platform for the duration of their engagement with their local Outset programme. Outset Online is designed to be used in conjunction with Outset’s in-person workshop programme, and unless otherwise agreed, should not replace workshop attendance. Outset reserves the right to suspend a client’s licence to the Outset Online platform if it is deemed to be impacting their workshop attendance.

Upon successful completion of the Outset programme’s in-person Business Start Up module, Outset clients can continue to enjoy 12-months free access to the Outset Online platform. After this time, clients that wish to have ongoing access to the Outset Online platform may be required to purchase a licence at the advertised retail rate and at this time, their existing personal account may be suspended unless reactivated through purchase.

Outset Online is an online e-learning platform that can be accessed via any internet browser (Safari, Internet Explorer 8 and upwards, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera). In order to ensure smooth running of all video files, please ensure you have the latest version of Flash downloaded on your computer. Outset Online can be accessed via your internet browser on any device, including desktop, tablet or smartphone, but please note you can only sign up to the platform using a desktop. While the core programme is accessible on all devices, some platform functionality is not currently available on smart phones including access to interactive features like quizzes and calculators, and the user experience is not currently optimized for tablets and smart phones.

We do not sell Outset Online, we only licence it. Under our licence, we grant you and only you the right to access Outset Online on any of your personal devices; your licence is not to be shared with others.