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Start Up Loans

Money from the Outset
Our sister company, Outset Finance, is a national delivery partner of the government’s Start Up Loan scheme and is able to offer low interest loans for anyone who is just starting a new business or has been trading for less than 24 months.

You can borrow up to £25,000 and the loans have a competitive fixed interest rate of 6.2% APR. Once you’ve got your loan, you’ll also be matched with a suitable mentor who will help you navigate any challenges or barriers as you go about setting up your business.

To find our more about the application process, visit the Outset Finance website or contact Outset Finance directly.

Don’t forget! As a resident of Bristol you’re eligible for free access to our online learning programme, Outset Online. Along with other great resources and tools, Outset Online also helps you build a business plan, which you can use as part of your loan application.

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If you’ve got a seed of an idea, but not sure if it will work, or whether you can do it, then our Introduction to Enterprise programme on Outset Online is made for you.

Interested in starting a business? Get free business support – anywhere, anytime – with Outset Online.

Need finance for your business? Why not apply for a government-backed Start Up Loan with Outset Finance.

If you’ve got a business idea, are keen to get going, and just want to learn how to do it properly, you’ll benefit from our Business Start Up programme on Outset Online.